Samaroli Glass

We sometimes get a same question from our guests about the glass we're using.
'What sort of glasses for whisky you are using?'.
The glass we're using at Leichhardt is called whisky tasting glass by Samaroli which I found it when I first went to Hong Kong in 2013.

Samaroli glass

Then I brought some back to Fukuoka. And brought them to the study group of NBA, Nippon Bartenders Association, Fukuoka, for checking and comparing with other glasses. As I've expected, all the participants agreed that the Samaroli glass was the best nosing glass.

Soon the bars around Leichhardt showed an interest on the glasses so I planned to import some to Japan aiming to sell them through the internet. however, this plan would not go well and I finally gave up. After that the Number One company in Britain started to sell them in Japan. But they stopped selling after a short while somehow. So it's rare to find the bars using this glass nowadays.

Samaroli nosing
Silvano Samaroli using his glass for nosing and tasting of whisky.

By the way, as you can see from the photo, the rim of the glass is pretty wide compare to the usual whisky tasting glass. This is because to get more aroma of the whisky in the glass. You can find that the dent of the bottom of the glass where whisky stays and once you swirl it, the whisky rises up along the glass inside and you can nose more subtle aroma.

Naturally, some of our guests think this is not a genuine whisky tasting glass and not suitable for tasting whisky because the shape of the glass looks like a wine glass. No wonder they've never seen Samaroli glasses before.
If you haven't used this glass, try tasting whisky at Bar Leichhard. You'll be surprised how the aroma of the whisky changes!

The book about whisky written by Samaroli, brought to me from a good friend of mine in Hong Kong.
Mr. Samaroli passed away on 16 February 2017. Rest in peace.

そこでこのグラスを日本に輸入販売しようと計画を立てていましたが、販売権が英国のナンバーワンカンパニーに渡り、頓挫してしまいました・・・(^^; その後、同社によりインターネットで販売が始まったのですが、なぜかすぐに中止に。そんなわけでこのサマローリグラス、今では希少なものになってしまいました。

  My sincere condolences go to Mr. Samaroli.
Thank you for your excellent bottles. Rest in peace.





 Yu Sumiyoshi

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