Ambassador Summit 2016

Joined annual 'Taketsuru Senior Ambassador Summit' in Miyagikyo Distillery.

竹鶴シニア 宮城峡

19 Senior Ambassadors gathered together from all over Japan.

宮城峡 仙台工場

Miyagikyo Distillery is in a middle of the forest and the surrounding environment is just great!

宮城峡 蒸留器

Big copper pot stills!

宮城峡 樽焼き

Charring inside of the barrel.

宮城峡 ウイスキーブレンド

Tried to make my own Miyagikyo blended whisky! It was fun!

宮城峡 おいらブレンド

Here it comes my own blended.
Taste? Come to Leichhardt and ask me. Will give you a sip☆

宮城峡 樽名入れ

Signing on the lid of the barrel.

宮城峡 樽倉庫

And our barrel is sleeping in a warehouse, waiting to become fine whisky 10 years from now. Can't wait!



Temporary Opening

Dearest our guests,

We are open next Monday, the 20th of June, from 7:30pm - 2:30am.

The 19th, the day of Whisky Talk Fukuoka, we are open from 6:30pm - 2:30am.

We look forward to meeting you both of the days.

Thank you.

Kininvie 23yrs old


6月19日(日)のウィスキートーク当日は、通常より一時間早く、18:30 より開店いたします。

また、通常は月曜定休ですが、20日(月)は休まず 19:30 より営業いたしますので、何卒よろしくお願いいたします。


 Yu Sumiyoshi

Author: Yu Sumiyoshi
福岡市中央区渡辺通2-2-1 西村ビル5F



 午後7時30分~午前2時30分(ラストオーダー 午前 2時)

◆定休日: 月曜日(火曜日が祝日の場合は月曜営業、火曜日を代休)及びイベントなどによる不定休あり。ご来店の際はお電話でご確認ください。

◆Phone: (092)-215-1414 

 5F, 2-2-1 Watanabe-dori, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, Japan

◆Opening Hours
7:30PM~2:30AM(Last Order 2AM)

◆Closed:Mondays (Open Monday when Tuesday's a public holiday and closed on that Tuesday) , and irregular day off for whisky & coctail events. Please call us.

◆English speaking bartender's available.

Offering a wide range of whiskies and cocktails in Fukuoka City, Japan.
About a 3-minute-walk from Nishitetsu Yakuin Station.
Unable to find us? Call on (092)-215-1414
We look forward to hearing from you soon!